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Lawn Furniture, Polywood Furniture

Trusses and maple syrup

This business is known for homemade noodles, custom bedroom sets, peas, red beets, red raspberries, lettuce, potatoes, onions, and more.

Bedroom Sets, Dining Room Sets, Custom Furniture
Sheds, Custom Built Storage Sheds, Cabins

Timber framing

Specializing Cabins and Pavilions

Sells wooden toys and puzzles.

This Amish business offers sheds, cabins, tables, swing sets and more.

This Amish business offers custom built sheds.

Custom, quality built kitchen and bathroom cabinets, custom finishes- wood can be stained, painted or glazed. They will meet your custom cabinet needs.

Pavilion, Wood Working

This business is known for hickory rockers and hanging baskets.

Cabins, Sheds, Honey

Lumber, custom sawing, bonnets, signs, sheds, greenhouse, baskets, annuals, perennials, vegetable plants

Polywood Furniture

Custom trusses, doors and screens in Napoli, New York.

This business is known for carriage carts and wagon gears. 

Furniture, Bedroom Sets, Leather Belts, Rolltop Desks
Furniture, Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Lawn Furniture, Decks, Polywood Furniture

This Amish business offers roll top desks, dining room sets, and other custom made wooden items.

Poly Furniture, Polywood Furniture

This business if known for furniture and cabinets.

This business is known for custom cabinets for bedrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms.

This business is known for bedroom cabinets, chests, tables, toy boxes, dining room cabinets, and gliders.

Tarps, Sheds, Sewing, Repairs, Custom Built Sheds

Amish-owned business specializing in rugs, strawberries, and flowers.

Shop specializing in the sale of Amish wares and country & rustic gifts and home decor.

Shop specializing in sheds, hunting blinds, custom buildings, and picnic tables.

Poly Furniture, Cabins, Storage Sheds

Known for locust fence posts.

Known for bedrooms. dining rooms, and refacing

Kitchen Cabinets, Furniture, Eggs, Bedroom Furniture
Custom Built Sheds, Wood Working
Rhubarb, Homemade Noodles, Custom Kitchen Cabinets

This business is known for custom sheds and hunting shacks.

Custom kitchens and bathroom cabinets

Sheds, Custom Built Sheds, Picnic Tables, Wood Working

J & J Custom is known for Outdoor Kitchens & Polywood Lawn Furniture.

shoes, boots, gloves, socks, polywood furniture, adirondack chairs, gliders
Cabins, Sheds, Playhouses

Builds cedar chests, storage sheds, keystone gliders, lawn furniture, horse run-ins

Amish-owned business offering kitchen cabinets.

This business is known for furniture and kitchen cabinets. 

Custom trusses in Dayton, New York.

This business is known for kitchen furniture and baked goods.

Rustic Log Furniture

Known for cabinet making and furniture.

Custom bedroom sets and kitchen cabinets

This Amish business offers hand-woven baskets

Lumber, Bandmill Lumber, Custom Sawing, Sheds, Hemlock Lumber, Larch Lumber, Wood Working
Furniture, Custom Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets

Polywood furniture

Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Homemade Noodles, Rhubarb
Lawn Sheds, Eggs, Birdhouses, Lawn Furniture
Custom Doors, Wood Working, Woodworking

Swings, decking, eggs, and rhubarb

Custom Bedroom Sets, Dining Room Sets

Custom-built sheds and baked goods

Amish-made Poly Lawn Furniture. Chairs, picnic tables, swings and more.

Amish-owned shop offering custom trusses.

Custom Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Bedroom Furniture

lumber, mill work, molding, flooring, siding, tongue & groove

This business is known for Hemlock Lumber.

This Amish business offers bedroom sets.

Wood Working, Sheds, Cabins