Guided tours of the Amish Community are available by reservation. Amish Tours will take you and your family on a fascinating trip through the beautiful countryside where you will hear the history of the Old Order Amish Settlement and their customs.

The tour can be custom designed for you... If you wish to see certain types of shops where you can purchase quality, handcrafted goods such as quilts, rugs, furniture, baskets and more. "This is by far the best way to explore this wonderful treasure nestled in the beautiful countryside and so interesting to learn about another culture in our midst.”

Do you need to have a guide to explore? No. Yet if it is your first time out in these Amish communities then you will have a better time with a guide as they have great relationships with the Amish.

You can view the interactive map or the static Brochure & Map and create your own itinerary.

Schedule a Custom Tour

Tours starting in Leon, NY

Leon Historical Society Tours are by reservation only (24-48 hour notice is appreciated):

Custom tours are available through The Leon Historical Society Museum for more information contact:

  • Pat Bromley, Town Historian (716) 296-5709
  • Klayton Peterson (716)-574-9883

Have an issue scheduling a tour?

If you would like to have someone help you with planning your trip ahead, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

If you have any issues scheduling a tour contact us or call Cattaraugus County Tourism at 1-800-331-0543.