Hideaway Archery

Hideaway Archery is a full-service archery pro shop with a 20 yard indoor range and video TechoHunt.  Bow and arrows are available for rent on the range. They sell Bear bows, crossbow, traditional bows and used bows. There are sights, rest, peeps, broadheads and releases for sale. Steve tunes, makes strings, and repairs bows while Jill custom paints and fletches arrows just the way you want them. Their goal is to make archery fun for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time shooter or have been shooting all of your life. They are there to help. You can take lessons, shoot in a league, or just shoot for fun.

Hours of Operation:

August 1 - May 31

Sunday 11-3

Monday 5:30-8:30

Tuesday 10-1 Reopen 4-8:30

Wednesday 5:30-8:30

Thursday 10-1 Reopen 4-8:30

Friday - Closed

Saturday 9-4

June 1 - July 31

Sunday 11-3

Monday 6-8:30

Tuesday 10-1 Reopen 6-8:30

Wednesday 6-9

Thursday-Saturday Closed

Amish Trail Maps

This is a good place to pick up an Amish Trail map.

Hide Away Archery, South Dayton
Hide Away Archery, South Dayton

12749 Cottage Road
South Dayton, NY 14138
United States

Lat Long
42.423195, -79.047164 View on Google Maps